Faculty of Law

Erasmus Course Offers – Autumn 2017/2018/1

EU Competition Law 2017/2018/I
Policies of the European Union 2017/2018/I
Illegal Migration 2017/2018/I
Corporate Governence 2017/2018/I
Collective Litigation 2017/2018/I
Comparative Criminal Procedure Law 2017/2018/I


Erasmus Course Offers –  Spirng  2016/2017/2

EU Competition law 2016/2017/II.
Comparative criminal procedure law 2016/2017/II.
Study and Research Methodologies 2016/2017/II.
Policies of the European Union 2016/2017/II.
Corporate Governence Course description 2016/2017/II.
Illegal migration 2016/2017/II.

Erasmus Course Offers –  Autumn 2016/2017/1

EU Competition law - 2016/2017/I.
EU ICT Law - 2016/2017/I.
Comparative Parliamentarty Law - 2016/2017/I.
Comparative Criminal Procedure Law - 2016/2017/I.
Policies Of the EU - 2016/2017/I.
Business Law - 2016/2017/I.
Hungarian Criminal Policy - 2016/2017/I.
Social Security in Hungary 2016/2017/I.

Erasmus Course Offers –  Spring 2015/2016/2

Competition law - 2015/2016/II.
EU ICT Law - 2015/2016/II. 
International Business Law - 2015/2016/II. 
Corporate Governence 2015/2016/II. 
Collective Litigation 2015/2016/II. 
Comparative Parliamentary Law/2015/2016/II.

Erasmus Course Offers- 2015/16/Autumn


Business Law - 2015/2016/I.
Competition law 2015/2016/I.
EU ICT Law 2015/2016/I.
International Business Law - 2015/2016/I.
Study and Research Methodologies 2015/2016/I.
Tax law 2015/2016/I.

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